When I was trying to conceive my first child, I found out I’d had a luteal phase defect, which means there is not enough time between ovulation and my next cycle for an egg to successfully implant.  My OBGYN tried to put me on Clomid, in hopes of lengthening my luteal phase, but it was unsuccessful.  After 17 cycles of actively TTC, a co-worker gave me Dr. Huang’s card.  After one cycle of weekly acupuncture sessions, my luteal phase lengthened by one day.  After two cycles, I was pregnant with my older son, who is 3 years old.

When I was trying to conceive my second baby, I found out I was perimenopausal, which means starting the process of menopause.  My follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) was 17 in July 2011 and 23 in August 2011.  Ideally, you want that below 10 and fertility specialists typically recommend IVF with donor eggs if your FSH is above 14.  I had my anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) tested, which checks  your egg reserve, and found out mine was 0.12, pretty close to empty!  I started seeing Dr. Huang for weekly sessions to lower FSH and took Royal Jelly supplements.  When I had my FSH tested a few months later, it was 10.8!  The next cycle I conceived my second son, who is now two months old.

Acupuncture not only helped me conceive, but helped me through a difficult second pregnancy.  At 20 weeks, I found out that I had complete placenta previa.  I worked with Dr. Huang and the placenta moved completely out of the way by 36 weeks, at the complete shock of my OBGYN, who did not believe it would move at all.  My baby was stubbornly breech my entire pregnancy, but Dr. Huang worked with me and the baby turned for good sometime between 36-37 weeks.  I was hoping to go into labor naturally so that I could have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) so Dr. Huang used acupuncture to naturally induce me at 39.5 weeks. A couple days later, I went into labor and my son was born.

I have recommended Dr. Huang’s practice to many friends and would recommend his expertise to anyone.  I am eternally thankful for his ability to help me become a mother.


I grew up in a family well-aware of the benefits of Chinese acupuncture and herbs. I heard about Dr. Huang through a friend. I learned that he could help my husband and me with our infertility. So, I began to see Dr. Huang in 2004, in conjunction with my infertility doctors.

After many Western treatments and medicines, my body was hormonally imbalanced. Dr. Huang helped to balance my hormonal system and calm my immune system. When we were told by our Reproductive Endochrinologist that I would not be able to carry my own biological baby, I went to Dr. Huang for balance, to regain my normal menstrual cycles, and for peace of mind. Miraculously, within months of my REÂ’s poor diagnosis, we were pregnant. I can only point to my treatments with Dr. Huang for my husband and my pregnancy at this time, as I had stopped all Western treatments. After many miscarriages, I proceeded with caution and turned to Dr. Huang for treatments to maintain my pregnancy.

Dr. Huang met with me once-a-week for the entire first trimester of my pregnancy. Along with his acupuncture treatments, his soft, gentle bedside manner helped to calm my anxieties and worries. Today, we have a beautiful healthy baby girl who is now 10 months old.

I owe so much thanks to Dr. Huang for his support and care. I have highly recommended him to many of my friends. He is AWESOME, and we are very thankful to him.



By the time I sought out Dr. Huang’s services, I had already been struggling with infertility for three years. I initially began acupuncture, along with fertility treatments, to increase my chances of embryo implantation. Dr. Huang’s services helped in a number of unexpected ways, including increasing the number of eggs I produced with the fertility medications and improving my overall health.​

Two years into my fertility treatments, and with several miscarriages behind me, extensive testing finally revealed the problem: immunological issues were causing my body to attack the embryos. Dr. Huang immediately initiated an aggressive new approach to balance my immune system, designed to work with a new drug protocol. Within weeks of my new diagnosis and treatment, I got and stayed pregnant. My beautiful baby girl turned five months old a few days ago.

Dr. Huang’s caring attitude and understanding of the human body inspire a lot of confidence. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.​


I sought Dr. Huang’s help due to infertility issues. We had been visiting an infertility doctor for a period of time, and had attempted IVF. Unfortunately, the IVF attempt had failed, and our infertility doctor told us the disappointing news that our success ratio in getting pregnant at age 39 was as low as 5%. He told us we would probably have to try donor eggs to be successful.​

After that, I started Dr. Huang’s treatment two (2) times a week including his recommendation of herbs. Within the first month of trying naturally, we got pregnant.​

Dr. Huang is extremely professional and understands the pressure points in the body to make a significant difference in the outcome of the treatment. He is also very caring and does everything he can to achieve a positive result. I would highly recommend him to anyone. In addition, his treatment is much easier and more relaxing than the unsuccessful fertility treatments we had to endure before we found him.​


“When I first contacted Dr. Huang to ask about acupuncture as a treatment for depression and asthma, I was immediately impressed by his willingness to answer my long list of questions. After meeting Dr. Huang, it became clear that he was sincere about helping with all of my health concerns and would let me know if acupuncture would not help.​

Dr. Huang’s treatment program, a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and accu-point massage, is unique among acupuncture practitioners in the Washington, DC area and has been very effective for me.​

Now, ten months later, I am happy to report that I no longer take any medications for depression, my asthma and allergy medicines sit gathering dust, and I have lost 30 pounds!​

I wholeheartedly recommend the Huang Acupuncture Clinic!”​


Acupuncture From A Patient’s Perspective​

“My name is Steve, and I am a current patient at Huang’s Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic. Dr. Sen Huang is expertly qualified todiscuss Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from a doctor’s point of view; however, perhaps it would be helpful to learn how the treatments feel on the other end of the needles. 

I came to Dr. Huang’s clinic for treatment of chronic abnormal muscle tone. This condition was caused by an adverse reaction to a prescription drug. This heightened state creates very tight muscles and stiff joints, which can be painful at times.​

Seeking an alternative approach, I decided to investigate acupuncture. I found Dr. Huang’s web site during an Internet search, and was very impressed by its content. I spoke to Dr. Huang on the phone, described my situation, and was invited to meet him for a consultation. During the first few visits, I was very tentative. But any concerns that I had were allayed by the kind and compassionate manner of Dr. Huang. He is an expert of anatomy, and has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. But I was more impressed by this knowledge of human nature. He realizes that for most Westerners, acupuncture is a treatment of last resort. He understands that a new patient arrives with a mixture of apprehension, anxiety, and curiosity. Dr. Huang treats the whole person, not just a particular part of the body. He also stresses that the mind and body are not separate entities.​

My case is difficult to treat; however, Dr. Huang’s positive attitude helps me to remain focused on the healing process. He is very cordial, professional, and compassionate. He always explains what he is doing to my body, and what I should expect both during and after the treatments. Due to my strange muscle tone, the needles can feel uncomfortable during insertion and subsequent adjustments. But then I relax and absorb the healing effects of the acupuncture. The soothing Chinese music in the background helps to create a safe and secure environment.​

For me, acupuncture is a paradox. It is both simple and complex. Many illnesses are explained by a blockage of chi, or the energy flow within our bodies. The needles release and redirect this energy throughout the various bodily meridians. I have witnessed the strong response of the needles; at times, I feel them in places where they are not even present. In essence, acupuncture restores our natural balance of good health and vitality. But when you look at the extremely detailed anatomical charts in Dr. Huang’s office, one realizes that Traditional Chinese Medicine is very complicated, scientific, and relies heavily upon the skills of the practitioner.​

Dr. Huang is a healer. Before I came to his clinic, I was in significant pain. I had difficulty walking, sitting, or typing. I have seen good progress, but realize that my treatment may be long term. As Dr. Huang often tells me “When you relax your mind, your muscles will follow.” Dr. Huang reminds us that we must learn to prevent illness once our natural balance is restored. In the future, I hope to learn more about Qigong and Tai Chi. Both of these disciplines are taught by Dr. Huang, and help us to maintain good health.”​


“I highly recommend Dr. Huang for the extraordinary effectiveness of his acupuncture and Chinese herb treatments. I am a Mathematics and Computer Science Instructor. I suffered from chronic exhaustion, stress and attendant symptoms such as blurry vision, aches and pains. I had previously tried yoga and massage therapy but was not entirely satisfied.​

Dr. Huang’s acupuncture has been tremendously effective in ridding me of the effects of stress and exhaustion (5 treatments). My eyesight is now normal. I am a brand new person. I am rejuvenated at the deepest levels. Furthermore I feel that my intelligence and mental acuity have been heightened.

The needles are entirely painless under Dr. Huang’s superbly skilled touch. Dr. Huang is brilliant with finding the right “spots.” The care and concern that he shows to his patients are consonant with the best traditions of what it means to be a physician.”​


“Acupuncture Changed My Life…In 1974 I was introduced to the concept of the age-old treatment of acupuncture. As an American living overseas twenty-six years, seventeen of which were spent in Asia, I was offered opportunities for learning about other cultures. It was in the Philippines that I met another American woman who had been severely crippled with arthritis. Confined to a wheelchair, in the greatest of pain, she contemplated suicide. “By chance” she was introduced to acupuncture while visiting Hong Kong. Upon her return to Manila she began a series of thirty-three treatments, which totally changed her life. Clearly new meaning was given to her, and a freedom she had not known for some time offered her the joy of her favorite past time, dancing. A year later my own life was to be changed through the benefit of acupuncture.​

At the age of 44, a visit to my neurologist reported that I too had the beginnings of arthritis, as well as spinal bone spurs. Armored with the memory of “Joan’s” positive experience, I asked a Philipina friend to drive me to Dr. Lilly Palanca, then president of the Acupuncture Society in the area. I too received the recommended thirty-three treatments (three per week for ten weeks), after which my body, mind and spirit appeared to be renewed. My energy level was restored, as the pain disappeared.​

By mid 2000 I was faced with a so-called ailment of the elderly called spastic colitis. After traditional examinations, one medical team said that m condition was a part of aging and there was no known cure for the alternating constipation and diarrhea. In November Dr. Sen Huang, M.D.,Ph.D.,Lac., posted a notice in my office announcing the opening of this clinic in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington. Dr. Huang offered dietary suggestions, physical therapy, along with acupuncture. The improvement was remarkable.​

Is acupuncture a miracle? I cannot say – I can only validate my own life, which was improved by combining traditional medicine with alternative methods. Now in my seventies I feel extremely blessed. Free of drugs, with the exception of Synthroid (for a sluggish thyroid), I live an extraordinary life for which I am truly grateful.”


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Huang’s for a number of years during which time, he has treated me for a variety of medical conditions including back, leg, and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other health problems. He has a very gentle and calm demeanor, which you experience from the moment he greets you. In fact, the environment of his office is one of serenity, which helps you to relax during your treatment. I’ve been to other acupuncturists and quickly discovered that treatment greatly differs from one acupuncturist to another. In my view, Dr. Huang is the best. He has a special gift as a healer and deeply cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment. ​​​​​​​